​​​​​​​HPG revelas identities of 2 martyred guerillas

HPG has released the identities of 2 martyred guerillas and said: “With the determination that we will carry out their goals of `Free Leader and Free Kurdistan`, we offer our condolences to the femilies of the martyrs and to our people.”

The Media Office of the People`s Defense Forces (HPG) released he following information regarding the martyred guerillas:

"In this era, when one of the most magnificent resistances in the history of Kurdistan is being fought against the invasion attacks, the Kurdistan Freedom Guerrillas are fighting a great war of will by paying heavy prices to protect the honor and the goal of freedom of our people. In this war of wills, the Turkish state and its use of technology against the Kurdistan Freedom Guerillas, will be defeated. The occupation army wants to spread throughout the entire Media Defense Zones and attempt to achieve victory, but they are faced with heavy blows from out forces every hour of every day. The struggle which our comrades are carrying out with hard work and a strong belief, ofcourse comes with a heavy price and sacrifice. Our comrades Guven and Vorin carried out a leading role with the spirit of sacrifice in raising our struggle in a successful way. With the belief of Apoist philosophy, they fought until their last breath and were martyred. We promise to win the struggle of those dear comrades of ours.

The indentity information on our martyred comrades is as follows:

Nom de Guerre: Guven Doza

First and last name: Cancel Dûrsûn

Place of birth: Kocaelî

Mother and father`s name: Fatma-Mehmet Zekî

Date and place of martyrdom: July 2022 / Media Defense Zones

Nom de Guerre: Vorîn Qesasê Welat

First and last name: Rakîp Kûşlû

Place of birth: Amed

Mother and father`s name: Emîne-Alîhan

Date and place of martyrdom: July 2022 / Medya Defense Zones

With the determination that we will fulfill their aim of Free Leadership and a free Kurdistan, we express our condolences to the dear families of our comrades Guven and Vorîn in the first place and to all the patriotic people of Kurdistan."

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