​​​​​​​HPG: Turkish state conceals number of its dead soldiers

The People Defense Forces revealed that the action of the 3rd of last November resulted in killing a Turkish soldier named Mustafa Bazna, the forces said that they can hand over the body of the soldier if the occupation wanted.

On Wednesday, the Media Center of the People Defense Forces issued a written statement about an operation it carried out on the 3rd of last November.

The text of the statement runs:

"Our forces carried out an operation at 12:20 on the 3rd of last November in the resistance area of Gari FM in Matina, near the Amadiya district in Başûr Kurdistan, resulted in the death of a soldier in addition to the confiscation of his military equipment and mobile phone.

The personal data of this soldier we have are as follows:

Name and surname: Mustafa Bazna.

Mother's - Father's name: Dondo - Ramadan.

Date and place of birth: May 14, 1996 / Duzce.

ID number: 13082287382.

It turned out that the killing of this soldier was hidden from public opinion and the people in Turkey.

Erdogan and Akar hide the killing of Turkish army soldiers

The regime of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement sends Turkish soldiers to attack the Guerrilla regions under the orders of Tayyip Erdogan and Hulusi Akar to preserve his power.

They do not care about the killing of Turkish soldiers.

About 2,500 Turkish soldiers were killed in Zap within 8 months, but they hide the killing of these soldiers from Turkish public opinion.

These areas are witnessing violent war, and both Erdogan and Akar are responsible for the deaths of many soldiers.

2 days ago, for example, it announced the death of officer as a normal evening news, and this indicates that they do not give importance to their officers and soldiers.


According to what our forces documented and revealed to the public opinion; The killing of the soldiers is hidden on the orders of Tayyip Erdogan and Hulusi Akar. They do not give much importance to evacuating the bodies of the soldiers, leaving them on the battlefields and burning them brutally.

The fascist regime, which swore to be hostile to the Kurdish people, has violated human morality, international laws and principles of war, committed many war crimes, and is still doing just to stay in power for a longer period.

We can deliver the body if they want

Regardless of the fact that we are facing an enemy that has lost its humanity; However, we in the Kurdistan People Defense Forces are committed to human morals, the common values of peoples, and the laws of war, so if they wanted, we could deliver the body of the soldier called Mustafa Bazna to his family through a civil party or a civil social institution.”



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