HRE :11 terrorists killed in Bab and Mare

HRE said ;"Our forces carried out operations against Turkish-backed jihadists. At least 11 terrorists were killed and weapons were also confiscated after clashes between our forces and the jihadists."

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) media center issued a statement in which it revealed the outcomes of HRE operations against the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation

in Bab and Mare.

 "On August 4th in the village of Abla in southern Mare, our forces carried out an operation against the base and positions of the Ahrar Al-Sham and Siqur Al-Sham jihadist gangs. Our fighters were able to take themselves into the positions of the enemy and difficult clashes broke out. As a result of the clashes. 8 jihadists were killed and at least 4 were injured. Our forces also confiscated a number of weapons, armament, and the documents and ID-papers of the jihadists.

The armament that was confiscated are as follows: 4 Ak-4, 4 BKC, 1 B7 RPG launcher, 1 nightvision scope, 2 magazine vests, 2 boxes of BKC ammunition, 2 BKC ammunition belts, 4 RPG B7 rockets, 1 RPG backpack, 2 backpacks, and a number of documents and ID-papers.

We were able to confirm the names of some of the jihadists that were killed which are as follows: Hemud El Ehmed, Bashar Berkhud, Basil Elwan, Ahmed Shehade, Cuma Bekhim and Mehmmud El Khalil.

On August 4th in the village of Hizwan of the Bab region, our units carried out an operation against the Firqat Al-Hamza gang. As a result of this operation 3 jihadists were killed and a further 3 were injured.

Afrin Liberation Forces.



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