HRE: 16 Turkish soldiers, mercenaries killed in Afrin

Turkish occupation and its gangs have received harsh blows by Afrin Liberation Forces HRE 

On Monday, HRE published statement to public opinion, revealing in this clash that resulted in the killing 16 of the Turkish soldiers and mercenary in the occupied Afrin during statement:

16 Turkish soldiers and mercenaries were killed in Afrin in two days

Where our forces responded with precision strikes on the positions and movements of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the Afrin region, during which a number of Turkish soldiers and mercenaries were killed.

In this context:

On August 31, our forces carried out a qualitative operation targeting an armored Turkish armored vehicle in outskirt of Basofan village belonging to Sherawa district, which destroyed and killed four Turkish soldiers inside it.

On September 01, our forces with medium weapons targeted a group of Turkish occupation mercenaries as they attempted to infiltrate into the outskirt of the village of al-Malikiyah and al-Shawarghha castle belonging to Shara district in Afrin. Our forces also detonated two explosive devices in a gathering of them, resulted in the killing four mercenaries and wounding three others.

On September 01, we published a statement regarding an operation by our forces that targeted a position of the Turkish occupation army in the outskirt of Basofan village belonging to Sherawa district in Afrin on August 29. More information was available. The result of the operation was as follows: The position was destroyed and 8 Turkish soldiers were killed.



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