HRE: 2 Jihadists killed in Azaz and Mare

"Regarding the operations that are being carried out by our forces in and around the Afrin region, our forces have carried out two sniper missions in the regions of Azaz and Mare," said HRE's Media Center.

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) Media Center reported the outcomes of the operations carried out against the Turkish-backed gangs in Afrin and Mare.

"On September 5th, our forces targeted a Turkish-backed jihadist in a sniper operation in the village of Kefer Kilbin of the Azaz region. As a result of the operation, 1 jihadist was killed by one of our sniper-teams.

On September 7th, one of our sniper-teams targetet a group of jihadists in the vicinity of Mare city. As a result, 1 jihadist was killed.

On September 8th, our forces by the use of heavy weapons, targeted a construction vehicle that was working on creating fortified positions for the jihadists in the village of Kefer Kilbin. As a result of this operation, the mentioned vehicle was damaged and neautralized."

Afrin Liberation Forces | September 8th 2019



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