HRE: 3 Turkish-backed jihadists killed and a vehicle destroyed by our forces.

Afrin Liberation Forces released a statement about operations against the Turkish occupation forces in Afrin killing three jihadists and destroying one vehicle.

The statement included, “ Our forces carried out effective operations against the Turkish army and its jihadists on January 13th and 15th in the Afrin region and its vicinity. “

On January 13th, our forces carried out a sniper operation against Turkish-backed jihadists in the vicinity of Kil Jibrin village of the Azaz region. 1 jihadist was killed as a result.

On January 15th, our forces carried out an effective operation in the vicinity of Villa Qadi village of the Shera district against a vehicle after some time of surveillance of Turkish-backed jihadist groups. As a result, the vehicle was destroyed and 2 jihadists who were in it were killed.

The Turkish army and their jihadists carried out intense shelling with howitzers and mortars on the villages Malikiye, Merenaz and Shewarkha of the Shera district. Turkish UAV movement continues over the region.

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