HRE: 4 mercenaries killed, 2 wounded in Afrin and Azaz operations

The Afrin Liberation Forces HRE indicated that, on the 13th and 20th of July, their forces carried out two operations in each of Bulbul in Afrin, and Azaz, which resulted in the killing of 4 elements of the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, in addition to wounding two others.

The Afrin Liberation Forces issued a statement to the public today, on two operations carried out by their forces in Afrin and Azaz.

The text of the statement read:

 “On the 13th of July this year, our forces carried out a specific operation targeting a point for the concentration of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the village of Saryngk in the district of Bulbul, during which three mercenaries were killed and two others were wounded. In order to camouflage their losses, the mercenaries resorted to kidnapping and torturing a number of civilians.

On July 20, our forces carried out a sniper attack targeting a Turkish mercenary, Asami Hamdi, in the city of Azaz, causing his death directly.

As a result of the two operations, four mercenaries were killed and two others were wounded. "



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