HRE: 4 mercenaries killed in Afrin, al-Bab

HRE asserted that they managed to kill 4 mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin Canton and al-Bab Area northwest of Syria.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) issuued a statement to the Public Opinion in which it revealed the operations' outcomes carried out in both Afrin and al-Bab.

4 mercenaries killed in al-Bab and Afrin areas

"our troops continue to carry out military operations against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin and its vicinity resulted in wounded and dead in the rank of the mercenaries.

On August 24 our troops detonated an explosive device against a gathering of the so-called "Feleq al-Sham" in Deir Belot village of Jandres District of Afrin canton, where two mercenaries wounded they are: the mercenary Ibrahim Abu al-Noor and the mercenary Khalid Abu Ahmad.

On August 25 our troops carried out an attack in the vicinity of Hezwan village of al-Bab area where the fortifications of the mercenaries were destroyed, in addition to the killing of 4 mercenaries and wounding of 4 others.

From August 24 to August 26, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries shelled the populated areas on the villages of Sherawa, Kimara and Soghanka with tens of shells and tanks and the Turkish occupation reconnaissance planes hovered intensively over the sky of the region.   



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