HRE: 7 mercenaries killed in ops carried out in northwest Syria

Afrin Liberation Forces confirmed in a statement that it eliminated 7 mercenaries in operations carried out in northwest Syria. 

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE)issued today a statement to the public revealed the results of its operations in Afrin, Azaz and Mare in northwestern Syria.

The statement read:

7 mercenaries killed in a series of operations in Afrin, Azaz and Mare.

Our forces carried out a series of explosions targeting the positions and machinery of the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the occupied areas of Afrin, Azaz and Mare, during which a number of mercenaries were killed and several others were injured.

In this context:

On August 17, our forces detonated an explosive device at one of the checkpoints of the so-called "Ahrar al-Sham Movement" in the city center of Afrin, killing four mercenaries and wounding three others.

The names of a number of dead and wounded were identified as: Hussein Abu Abdo, from al-Qalamoun area in Damascus countryside, Khalid Abu Mohammed from Aleppo, Bakr Abu Miqdad, Khalid Abu al-Jod, Ali Abu Mohammed.

On 17 August, our forces detonated two explosive devices at a gathering of mercenaries (al-Jebha al-Shamiya) in the vicinity of Mare, where two mercenaries were confirmed dead and four others injured.

On August 17, our forces targeted a military vehicle belonging to the Turkish occupation mercenaries in the city center of Azaz by an improvised explosive device, where the car was destroyed, one mercenary was killed and another was wounded.



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