HRE: At least 2 Turkish-backed jihadists killed in Afrin, Mare, Bab

HRE (Afrin Liberation Forces) continue their military operations agains the invading Turkish army and their proxies in and around the Afrin region and targeted 3 turkish-backed proxy gangs in 3 different operations.

The text of the statement issued by HRE's media center in regard to the operations carried out by the HRE forces:

On June 23rd our forces carried out a sabotage action against a group of Turkish-backed jihadists in the village of Daxili Bash of the Bab region. The damages and casualties regarding this operation has not yet been confirmed.

On June 24th our forces carried out an ambush operation against the Turkish-backed jihadistgroup by the name of El Jeba El Shamiye in Tel Malid villaage of the Mare region. As a result, 1 jihadist was killed and 2 jihadists were injured.

On June 24th one of our special forces units targeted a specific terrorist of the so called Firqet Al Amshat in the road in Hise village of the Mabata region. As a result the targeted terrorist was killed.

As a result of these action carried out by our forces, at least 2 turkish-backed jihadists were killed and 2 were injured.

Afrin Liberation Forces

June 25th -2019


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