HRO: Civilians under ongoing crimes in occupied Afrin

The human rights organization in Afrin canton has documented more crimes and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the Afrin regions.

Human rights organizations in Afrin canton document more crimes and violations of the Turkish occupation against the people of occupied Afrin. Ibrahim Sheikho, spokesperson for the HRO of Afrin, confirmed the ongoing kidnappings and ransom, as well as cutting and burning trees and the demographic change in the region.

Detainees without trial, but for ransoms

Sheikho noted that there are increasing ransoms in exchange for the release of the kidnappers by the mercenaries, "In the recent period, the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation have demanded huge financial ransoms from the families of the kidnapped in the prisons of Marea, Al-Rai and Sijo, who have not been tried so far for more than two years." 

Sheikho continued, "Our private sources provided us with the names of a number of detainees, who are; Mawlida Numan, 62, from the village of Basuta in the Shirawa district, where the mercenaries asked an amount of $ 4,000 as a ransom, Kamal Ahmed Mustafa from the village Qastal Khedira of the district of Bulbalah, who is in Sjo Prison in the Al-Rai area, and despite paying $ 5500, the occupation mercenaries are delaying the release of the detainee.

Sheikho noted that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are blackmailing the detainees families for more money.

Thousand olive trees are the victim of the fires in Sherawa

Sheikho also noted that the systematic destruction of nature by the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries. “The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation continue to set fires on agricultural lands in addition to cutting trees. In the past two days, dozens of trees have been cut down and burned in the village of Hammam in the Jinderes district and in the village of Ba Arafo in the Shira district of Afrin, but in the non-occupied areas such as Shirawa, approximately 8,300 olive trees in the village of  Burj Qas, Barada, and Shoghaneh were burned due to the Turkish barbaric shelling.

Sheikho also pointed out that the so-called civil defense or "White Helmets" in the occupied territories do not interfere to extinguish fires, as they prevent people from extinguishing them.

Sheikho estimated the number of trees cut with more than 250 thousand trees, and the burned area has exceeded 15 thousand hectares since the occupation of Afrin.

A thousand dollars for displacing each person from Afrin

The mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army are following the occupation's policies in displacing the people from the region ; Sheikho said in this regard, "Al-Amshaat" mercenaries who control the Shiah demand an amount of 1000 dollars to send them to Turkey on the condition of not to return to the Al-Shahbah, Aleppo, or east of the Euphrates for the demographic change in the area."

Sheikho confirmed that more than 25 families from the village of Olkono in the Shiah region were displaced to Turkey in addition to a number of families from the village of Jaqlo.

He also discussed the security chaos in the occupied areas, where many bombings occured during the past days, killing and injuring many civilians.

At the end of his speech, Sheikho appealed to the organizations and bodies concerned to intervene to remove the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from all the occupied areas in northeast Syria, and to return the displaced families in Al-Shahba and the whole of Syria to their areas.

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