HRO demands from Security Council to put an end of Turkish occupation of Afrin

The Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region called on the UN Security Council to form a fact-finding committee to document Turkish crimes in the occupied Afrin canton, forcing Turkey to stop its occupation and stop demographic change operations.

The statement was issued, on occasion 3rd anniversary of occupying Afrin, including the crimes are documented against Turkish occupation army and its gangs in 2020

The statement was delivered in Reading Park in Qamishlo city by the administrator in Human Rights Organization in Al-Jazeera region, Avien Jummah with participating of the representatives political parties, civil organization and unions.

  Avien at the beginning of her speech said that " 3 years have passed on the occupation Turkish state aggression on Afrin region and its occupation by launching military operation named "Olive Branch Operation", 20/1/2018, where Turkish occupation collaborated with armed factions of the Syrian opposition coalition in launching military attack on civilians in Afrin, under pretext of protecting Turkish National Security, and resettlement the Syrian refugees and others in this area, using all sophisticated and heavy weapons, causing massive destruction in an infrastructure and civilian facilities, left behind thousands of killing among civilians, and sought to make whole demographic and cultural change in the areas that indigenous residents were forcibly displaced ,became refugees inside Syrian lands and neighboring countries, in flagrant violations of the principles of international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

Systematic crimes

The statement touched upon the brutal practices that indigenous people of Afrin are exposed to, who are still living in occupied canton, "as they deliberately prevented all causes of life from them, those who remained inside Afrin, and adhered to staying in their lands and homes, by following a policy of looting and seizing property, arbitrary arrest, and forced disappearance ,torture and kidnapping in exchange for a ransom, the rape of women, forced marriage, and systematic killing, in order to spread fear in them and push them to emigrate and abandon their property in order to preserve their lives and their families, not to mention the cutting and burning of trees, and systematic looting of monuments to obliterate the historical monuments of Afrin and its indigenous people and fabricated explosions that kill and mutilation civilians. "

'Turkish bombing and government siege on the displaced in al-Shahba'

The statement pointed to the continuous attacks against displaced civilians in al-Shahba canton, and the siege of government forces, "All these violations, which represent war crimes against humanity, have pushed more than 300,000 civilians to forcibly migrate from Afrin, and more than 100,000 of them have sought refuge in camps in the area of ​​al-Shahba and Tal Rifat adjacent to Afrin, hoping to return to their homes nearby, but they suffer in those camps from the disruption of their livelihoods, and they are besieged by the armed factions on one side, and the army of the Syrian regime on the other hand, knowing that it is an area whose infrastructure has been destroyed and planted by ISIS landmines who control it long time, they are deprived of any humanitarian aid. International organizations have refrained from providing them with any kind of assistance, despite the severe siege they live in and the danger they are facing from all sides and depriving them of all livelihoods."

'International silence accompanies Turkish crimes against Afrin's indigenous people'

The statement referred to the international silence regarding Turkish crimes, "All of this is happening amid international silence, with no neutral human rights organization or international fact-finding committees allowed to enter the region, and documenting the violations and crimes against civilians that are taking place in a systematic manner despite the issuance of several reports showing the violations that have occurred." However, it is only a part of the crimes that happen, and the following is a statistic about the violations that took place in Afrin during the year 2020, and we were able to document it through several human rights sources.

'Documented crimes'

The organization prepared a list of crimes that it was able to document through several sources: “Killings: 60, kidnapping and arrest cases: 987, torture cases: 65, executions: 29, explosions and clashes 39, bombing cases: 19, suicides: 3, cases of dead. Borders: 5, Violations against trees and their burning: 11,320 trees, UAVs: 7, violations against monuments: 50 archaeological sites, cutting down trees: 38,252 trees, killed in explosions and clashes: 73, and 97 injured in clashes and explosions.

The statement of the human rights organization criticized the silence of the UN Security Council regarding Turkish crimes, "All these violations and crimes occur without us witnessing any serious move by the Security Council and the United Nations to stop these attacks and practices of what is stated in the United Nations Charter, and what is consistent with its purposes, and according to what is stated in Article The first of its charter in the first and second paragraphs, which include:

1- Preserving peace and international security and to this end, the Commission shall take effective joint measures to prevent and eliminate causes that threaten peace, suppress acts of aggression and other aspects of breaching the peace, and invoke peaceful means, in accordance with the principles of justice and international law, to resolve international disputes that may lead to a breach of peace or Settled.

2- Developing friendly relations between nations on the basis of respecting the principle requiring compromise in rights between peoples, and for each of them to have the right to self-determination, as well as taking other measures to strengthen public peace.

Therefore, we in the Human Rights Organization in the Al-Jazeera region, and three years after the start of this aggression, which left widespread violations and thousands of victims, we call on the United Nations and the Security Council to:

1- To oblige the Turkish state and the armed factions of the Syrian opposition coalition to end the occupation process and the demographic change imposed on the region and allowance the people to return to their areas, and to ensure their safe return and the restoration of their property and lands.

2-Sending fact- finding committee to document the violations on the ground.

3- Holding the perpetrators of war crimes against civilians accountable through international courts, and prosecuting the Turkish regime for the crimes committed, as it is directly responsible for the security of the region after its occupation, and everything that happens is under the direct supervision and responsibility of its military and civilian officials in the region.

4- The immediate release of the detainees and those who were forcibly disappeared, clarifying their fate and holding the violators accountable, and those who have suffered all forms of torture and intimidation.

5- The delivery of humanitarian and relief aid to the camps in the areas of al-Shahba and Tal Rifaat, and lifting the severe siege on them because they are civilians who were forced to leave their areas, and they are the victims of the systematic terrorism practiced in the region for several years.



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