HRO of Afrin calls on UN, organizations to send UN team to conduct international investigation

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin - Syria has appealed to all human rights and humanitarian organizations in the world, headed by the United Nations and UNICEF, to carry out their moral, legal and humanitarian duty towards what is happening in the occupied Afrin, work on sending a UN team to conduct an international investigation on the fate of the kidnapped women, and investigate the facts of the violations undertaken by the mercenaries.

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin - Syria issued a statement to the public opinion in which it touched upon the mercenaries' intensification of their crimes against the remaining people there, in which it revealed the fate of the kidnapped women and the case of the young Malak who was kidnapped and killed by the mercenaries on the 7th of June, this year.

The text of the statement included:

"Since the Turkish state and its affiliated Syrian armed factions occupied Afrin region and its villages on 18/03/2018, this region has not enjoyed safety and security, but on the contrary, day after day, the crimes of the armed factions of the Turkish occupation against the citizens of Afrin in general and the Kurds in particular; killing, kidnapping, torture and theft, the plunder of public and private property and the encroachment on the world heritage are increasing, but their criminality affects women in particular with all kinds of violations against humanity in general.

These armed groups which act under the orders of the occupation state and under its direction have committed atrocities against Afrin women in full view of the world, including killing, kidnapping, rape of women and children, forced marriage of minors, depriving women of custody and motherhood, psychological and physical torture of them with brutal methods, sexual slavery, and coercion into prostitution, forced labor and everything related to sexual violence, especially forced pregnancy, and in parallel with this criminal approach against humanity in general and against women in particular, as we show many of these violations:

More than 1,000 women have been kidnapped, many of them are minor girls, and the fate of more than 400 women is still unknown to this date. More than 63 women have been killed, in addition to 4 suicides and the rape of 65 women, and the injury of more than 215 women.

The number of kidnapping cases of women since the beginning of 2020 and up to the date has reached 42 cases, including 10 cases in July of 2020.


Following our statement on 08/06/2020 about the killing of the 16-year-old girl (Malak Nabih Khalil Jumaa) who was kidnapped on 23/05/2020, as she was found murdered on 07/06/2020, which has been confirmed by several pages loyal to the National Coalition for Opposition and the Syrian Armed Factions; however, soon those authorities denied the news and that the body of this murdered girl did not belong to the minor Malak Nabih Khalil Jumaa, and that it was for another girl whose identity has not been revealed yet. This in itself is another crime that is added to the first crime.

Close local sources reported that the armed factions had kidnapped the girl's mother in order to pressure her not to reveal the fate of her daughter. She was released days before Eid al-Adha, and all kinds of pressure were exerted on all the people of the village, especially her family in order to conceal the case as a whole, thus losing the girl's fate and forgetting her over time. In addition to the kidnapped to al-Hamzat faction, who were recently revealed following disputes and clashes between al-Hamzat faction and factions from Eastern Ghouta, and they are 11 women whose fate remains unknown until now despite the Turkish state and its institutions' realization of this incident and despite their relatives' question about them and their demands to meet the Turkish governor in Afrin city, their demands were not heard nor they received a glimmer of hope about the fate of these women.

In the past, one of the detainees held by the so-called Military Police faction of the Turkish occupation confirmed the presence of more than 25 women inside the Military Police prison with their up to 20 children of young ages, some of whom gave birth inside the prison. It alsoy confirmed that a number of women were raped by security personnel from al-Jabha al-Shamiyya stationed at Kawa roundabout (formerly the Local Administration headquarter), and then they were handed over to the Military Police headquarter in Afrin.

Based on the foregoing, we appeal to all human rights and humanitarian organizations in the world, especially the United Nations and UNICEF to do their moral, legal and humanitarian duty regarding what is happening in Afrin, send an international team to conduct an international investigation on the fate of these women and to investigate the facts of the violations carried out by the factions in addition to the pressure on the Turkish state to reveal the fate of thousands of its detainees and kidnapped by its affiliated armed factions and release those who are alive."



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