HRW calls for disclosing al-Raqqa mass graves’ victims

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that it needs the international help to disclose the identities of the victims who were killed by IS mercenaries, and buried in mass graves, and to protect evidence of the committed crimes.


In recent months, several mass graves have been found in al-Raqqa city and its vicinity containing the remains of hundreds of people. Before the liberation of al-Raqqa by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), IS mercenaries have turned it into a capital for themselves, and they were practicing a great terror there.

HRW found that there are at least 9 mass graves in al-Raqqa, each of which contains the remains of hundreds of people. HRW said that getting the victims’ bodies out and revealing their identification is a great and difficult task.

HRW added, "There is a need for assistance from the international organizations, forensic specialists and technical assistance."

HRW noted, "If we do not receive technical assistance, the response will not be convincing to the expected families, and the evidence could be lost or distorted."

HRW added that a mass grave was discovered under the playground near the hospital in April, and the remains of 553 people were found in the cemetery, and that a fact-finding and monitoring group was sent.



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