Human Rights Organization: What is going on Afrin’s Ferreiriya village is crime against humanity

The Human Rights Organization in Afrin - Syria revealed that the violations against Ferreiriya, which is affiliated with Janders district, are not related to humanity, and they violate all humanitarian standards.

Since the sixth of this July, Al-Hamzat mercenaries backed by the Turkish occupation army have imposed a siege on the people of the village of Ferreiriya, which is affiliated to Janders district in Afrin canton, after refusing to pay taxes.

In this regard, the human rights organization, Afrin-Syria, today issued a statement to the public opinion in Serdam camp about what is being exposed to the village of Ferreiriya.

The statement was read in the Kurdish language by Wafa Bakr, the organization's member, and Arabic by the organization's member, Hehan Ali.

 The text of the statement read:

After numerous types of violations and criminal offenses against Kurdish citizens in Afrin, the Syrian armed factions affiliated with the Turkish occupation are moving to the stage of complete chaos, as they return to their barbaric Tatar origin, revealing their true face, which does not pertain to humanity, but has returned to the era of invasion which was prevalent in ancient times and where everything is permissible.

On the date of 6/7/2020, armed elements affiliated with al-Hamzat faction imposed taxes on some of the people of the village of Ferrieriya and the tenants of the endowment stores belonging to the main mosque in the village, and as a result of the dispute over rents and renters of those stores and about their revenues, a dispute occurred that required the presence of the person called Abu Shaher, who is responsible for the security sector of the faction, where he kidnapped one of the tenants and took him to the checkpoint at the entrance to the village and severely beat him. When his mother came to defend him, Abu Shaher kicked her with his leg, and she lost consciousness. The villagers denouncing this rushed in alarm after this inhumane act to defend her and the villagers against al-Hamzat faction and its terror.

Therefore, the so-called Abu Shaker requested support from al-Mawali clan who were resettled in the village of Kafr Zeit, this clan is loyal to al-Hamzat faction, where a force of at least 500 fighters from the clan came to support the faction against the people of the village of Ferrieriya, knowing that the majority of the village's residents are from the Arab component (Bani Zaid clan). They besieged the village from all sides and called through loudspeakers in the village mosque aiming to delude villagers that the battle is going on between former loyalists of Autonomous Administration and Al-Hamzat faction, as the village and its houses were brutally breached, and the clashes lasted for more than four hours, during which the elements of Al-Hamzat faction and the loyalists have plundered and sabotaged the property of the villagers: cars, tractors, livestock and cash amounts to (50) million SP, in addition to an estimated amount of (100) thousand US dollars, in addition to assaulting women by beating and immoral molestation, taking off their headscarves and addressing them with hum Humiliating and vulgar words and dragging one of the citizens behind the car from the village to their headquarters in the village of Kafr Zait, and the kidnapping of a number of citizens, their fate is still unknown, which forced most of the villagers to flee their village for fear of being kidnapped or killed.

While many women made appeals to the rest of the armed factions of the Turkish occupation to defend them and remove the injustice they face from al-Hamzat faction.

The violations and criminal acts that are taking place in Ferreiriya and the villages of Afrin are too far from humanity and violate all humanitarian standards and the moral and social values ​​that prevail in the world, and these crimes amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity under international covenants and agreements.


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