"Humanitarian orgs must undertake duty towards Afrin people"

The administrators in the Kurdish Red Crescent Society in Afrin called on the members of the humanitarian organizations to provide assistance to Afrin people living in al-Shahba canton.


Large numbers of families who were forced to leave their homes after brutal attacks by Turkish occupation and its gangs shelling inhabited areas and fearing to commit crimes against them and went to Sherawa district and al-Shahba canton 's villages.

In light of the difficult living conditions experienced by the arrivals in these areas, humanitarian relief organizations do not move to help thousands of people till now.

The Kurdish Red Crescent organization (KRCO) and its medical staff are working to provide health assistance to the residents living in Berxwedan camp.

Due to severe tiredness the people suffered, and staying in the wilderness for many days, some incurable diseases such as measles, hepatitis have broken out, amid the fear of the Red Crescent of spread of these diseases in the absence of the necessary medicines.

In turn, the administrator of the Kurdish Red Crescent called on the humanitarian organizations to carry out their humanitarian duties and responsibilities and to provide support and assistance to the families.



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