Hunger strike expands to lift isolation on Ocalan

The activity of the hunger strike which has initiated by Leyla Guven entered its 117th day, while Nasir Yagiz's entered on 104th day, and the activity of the detained in the Turkish state's prisons entered its 79th day.


The parliamentarian of the Democratic People's Party and the co-chair of Democratic Society Congress Leyla Guven, the member of representative of Democratic People's Party in Hewler city Nasir Yagiz, and the detainees in the prisons of the Turkish state have been on hunger strike for months, demanding to lift isolation on Ocalan, and stressing that their activity will be ongoing till achieving their purpose.

Leyla Guven criticizes the Turkish state's policies towards the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan and asserts that her hunger strike will continue. Leyla Guven started her strike at the Turkish state prison in Amed. After her hunger strike, the Turkish state released her on January 25, but she continued her strike at her home in the city of Amed. The hunger strike of Leyla Guven entered today on 117th day.

The strike of Nasir Yagiz entered on 104th day

The hunger strike of Nasir Yagiz in Hewler which began to lift the isolation of Ocalan entered on 104th day. The activity of the 14 activists who started a hunger strike for the same purpose entered on its 78th day, while the hunger strike of the detainees in Turkish state's prisons entered its 79th day. On March 1, all PKK's detainees entered a hunger strike, demanding the removal of Ocalan's isolation.

On Sunday, the parliamentarian of Democratic People's Party Dêrsim Dag and the members of the HDP Salîh Cansever, Îsmet Yildiz, Sevîcan Yaşar, Salîh Tekîn and Bîlal Ozgezer entered an open hunger strike to lift the isolation of Ocalan at the headquarters of the People's Democratic Party in Amed through a press conference.

After the announcement of the strike, and with the order of the Turkish Interior Minister Sulaiman Soylu, the Turkish police raided the headquarters of the People's Democratic Party, arresting the members of the party Îsmet Yildiz, Sevîcan Yaşar, Salîh Tekîn and Bîlal Ozgezer; however, the strike of the members continues in the Directorate of Police in the city of Amed.

The activities supporting Leyla Guven are increasing

On Sunday, the Kurdish artist Kadîr Çat and the member of the Pel band Elias Arzû visited the home of Leyla Guven and announced their support for her. During the visit, Kadîr Çat gave a song about the martyr Kemal Pîr who was martyred in the early establishment of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement in Bakur (North Kurdistan).

Activists from the Democratic People's Congress and the Free Women's Movement coming from Mersin, Istanbul and Antalya also visited Leyla Guven's home and confirmed their support for her.



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