Hunger strikers in Girgê Legê: We are walking on path of Leyla Guven, Nasir Yagiz resistance

The participants in the hunger strike in Girgê Legê district said, "We are lovers of freedom and a decent life, so we only accept freedom for Ocalan because freedom cannot be imprisoned, and assured their solidarity with parliamentarian Leyla Guven and the struggler Nasir Yagiz, and the hunger strikers in Turkish prisons.


In solidarity with the parliamentarian Leyla Guven and in 104th day of her hunger strike, Nasir Yagiz and all the hunger strikers demanding the freedom of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, Kongra Star in Girgê Legê organized a hunger strike tent in which 102 hunger strikers participated.

In the hunger strike tent erected at the center of the Society Protection Forces in Girgê Legê, Asma Murad, who participated in the strike, said: "Our martyrs in the areas and cities of Syria and in Başûr Kurdistan, Europe and the prisons of Turkey raised their voices in solidarity with Leyla Guven and to take their resistance through her will to lift the isolation of the leader of the Kurdish people, Abdullah Ocalan, so we also joined our voice to those free voices."

While the participant Fouad Saadi said, "In order to raise the voice of the right in all parts of the world and for the freedom of Ocalan, the patron of freedom and peace, we embraced the demands of Leyla Guven and her resistance, so we participated in the events."

He added that "because we are lovers of freedom and the decent life, we will not care about hunger and thirst in order to lift the isolation of our leader and ask all human rights institutions in the world to do their duty and respect human rights.

He concluded by stressing that the struggle and resistance throughout history is the path of victory and freedom.



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