Hunger strikes actions continue to lift isolation on Ocalan

MP Leyla Guven has reached day 171 of her hunger strike demanding the end of isolation imposed on the  Leader Abdullah Ocalan.

HDP member Nasır Yağız has reached day 158 of his hunger strike in Hewlêr, while 14 Kurdish activists in Strasbourg and Imam Şiş in Wales have reached day 132 of their hunger strikes. Prisoners who have gone on hunger strike on 16 December have reached day 133. The hunger strike resistance spread to all prisons on  March1.

HDP Diyarbakır Deputy  Dersim Dağ, and Van Deputy Tayip Temel and Murat Sarısaç have been on hunger strike in Diyarbakır Provincial Organization building since 3 March.

Sedat Akın, who went on hunger strike while in Erzincan T Type Closed Prison, was released and is continuing his hunger strike in his house in Batman. He is on the 111th  day of his hunger strike. 

Gurbet Ektiren has been released from Bakırköy Prison and is continuing the hunger strike she began on 15 January at her house. 

İhsan Sinmiş (55) has been on hunger strike since 1 March in Silivri Prison and is continuing his hunger strike at his home in İstanbul, Küçükçekmece. 

Ferdi Karabay, who was released on 22 March from Buca Kırıklar No 1 F Type Closed Prison, continues the hunger strike at home.

İsmet Yıldız who was taken under custody in HDP building because he joined the hunger strike and got arrested continues the hunger strike at home after he was released on March 29.

Sevican Yaşar and Salih Tekin who were released on April 2 continue their hunger strike at home.

Bilal Özgezer who was released on April 5 continues his hunger strike at home.


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