Hussein: Iranian authorities seek to silence women's voice by arresting them 

The administrator of the Kurdish Language Committee in the administration of the schools in al-Hasakah canton said that the Iranian authorities see teaching teacher Zara Mohammadi in the Kurdish language a crime, and they want to silence the woman so that she does not demand her rights through the arrests.

The Iranian authorities enforce a repressive policy against minorities in Iran, especially the Kurds, and continue their inhuman practices towards opponents, politicians, jurists, and even teachers, among detainees subjected to the most severe forms of torture.

And detainees in Iranian prisons are prevented from obtaining his most basic rights, by appointing a defense lawyer to represent him, as he is given a list of a group of government lawyers to choose from, and he is also denied visits.

In continuation of human rights violations in Iran for decades, the Iranian authorities have arrested a teacher of the Kurdish language, Zara Mohammadi, on charges of establishing a group that threatens national security and teaching the Kurdish language.

In line with its repressive policy, the Revolutionary Court of Sandaj on July 14th sentenced Zara Mohammadi to ten years in prison.

In this context, Hawar news agency ANHA met with the administration of the Kurdish Language Committee in the administration of schools in al-Hasakah canton, Hamrin Hussein, and said: "The reasons for the arrest of teacher Zara Mohammadi are due to the teaching of the Kurdish language to students in Iran, the Iranian state sees the teaching of the Kurdish language as a crime."

Hamrin added: All components and sects have the right to read, write, study and teach in their mother tongue, and this is the simplest right of any human being. The Iranian authorities arrested her before now, and she remained in prison for seven months, and she went out on the condition that she did not teach the Kurdish language, while her family paid a sum of money to release her.

She noted, "The Iranian authorities also arrested Zainab Jalalyan, the politician, and was sentenced to life imprisonment, preventing her from visiting her family and denying her human rights, without reason, as the authorities say that these people pose a threat to her security."

Hamrin indicated that the goal of the Iranian authorities from all violations is to obliterate the Kurdish identity and language in Iran, because it is afraid of the establishment of a Kurdish state or a Kurdish movement, such as the revolution in northern and eastern Syria, which was the basis of women, working in the service of society within the city and military institutions, so it continues to suppressing women first, if they silenced women's voice, the voice of the revolution would be also silenced, so she did not accept that women in Iran demand their rights by arresting them.

Hamrin demanded human rights and international and human rights organizations not to accept the practices of the Iranian authorities, from the arrests that take place without trial, and without proven charges, and the development of laws within the scope of justice, and called on all people in Iran to sit in and stand in the face of Iranian policy and its violations against women in particular.



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