'I want to return to Şengal … I miss my family so much'

"I want to go back to Şengal and my family, I miss them so much," with these words, the Yazidi child Samer ended his suffering for years at the hands of IS who kidnapped him from Şengal with his mother and brothers. Samer said, "They forced us to convert to Islam and trained us to fight with them. We managed to escape them in al-Bagouz."



On 3 August 2014, IS attacked Şengal province in Başûr Kurdistan. They killed thousands of Yazidis and abducted thousands of women with their children. They were transferred from Iraq to Syria and subjected to the worst violations.

The Yezidi children were separated from their families, IS made them "cubs to their alleged caliphate". They were trained on methods of murder, suicide bombings and booby-traps before the Syrian Democratic Forces' liberating a group of them and working on their return to their relatives in Şengal.

Samer Kheder, 13-year-old Yazidi boy from al-Nasr neighborhood in Şengal fled with a group of Yazidi children who were with him to the areas of the Syrian Democratic Forces who secured them the road and brought them to al-Hol camp to work on their return to Şengal. Samer said, "My family and I were sleeping before being attacked by IS. We tried to escape but we could not. They transferred us from there to Tal Afar and then to al-Mosel."

Samer pointed out that IS mercenaries forced them to convert to Islam after they separated the children from their mothers, and took the girls from them.

We became servants to them and they joined us to their ranks

Samer said, "Some of the children were forced to work as servants, while they took the large part of us, joined us to their ranks and trained us."

After the siege of al-Mosel city by the Iraqi army and the popular crowd to expel IS, the mercenaries transferred the abducted Yazidis to other areas they were occupying in Syria, then, they began to train them and after training, the children were involved in battles and clashes.

Samer also said that every time IS failed, we were transferred to another area until we arrived at al-Bagouz village of Deir ez-Zor. We numbered about 16 children and they held us in a school before we could escape from them and get to the areas  liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces who secured us the way and helped us.

I want to return to Şengal

"I want to return to Şengal and my family, I miss them so much, I want to live with them all my life," Samer said.



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