Ibrahim al-Issa: All components live here safely, Turkey has brought terrorism to region

Sheikh of al-Hanada clan said that Turkey has brought terrorism to the region and its talk about a "buffer zone" is a clear lie for all, because components of north and east of Syria are basically safe and united, and this is what Turkey does not accept, so it seeks to destabilize the region."


The Turkish state seeks to end the security situation in the northern regions of Syria, as it did in Afrin and the rest of the areas it occupied in northern Syria, and claims that it wants to establish a "buffer zone" in the north and east of Syria, which enjoys security and stability, in this context ANHA agency conducted an interview  with the sheikh of al-Hanada clan and a member of the Senate in Girê Spî canton Ibrahim al-Issa on the sidelines of the evaluation meeting of the Council of Social Justice in the Euphrates region in Kobanî which was held yesterday.

Where al-Issa spoke about the position of the people of the region from the Turkish efforts to occupy the region, and said, " Turkey has brought us terrorism and claims that it will establish "a buffer zone "this lie is clear to all. As a whole, we are aware of our interests. We live more safely than any other region in Syria."

 Ibrahim al-Issa added, "We did not ask Turkey to protect us and Adana agreement is illegal and everyone must understand the destructive Turkish policy in the north and east of Syria, this criminal policy ,Turkey is living a dream and does not know how to read the reality."

He pointed out that all components feel safe but the Turkish country does not know the values ​​of morality and the right of neighbor and does not accept the other.

Ibrahim pointed to the criminality of Turkey in Afrin and the attempt to occupy other areas with illegal different names are obvious, pointing out that Turkey has no objection to kill or loot in order to achieve these ambitions.

At the end of his speech, Ibrahim al-Issa said, "all components stand in one row and live safety, Turkey does not respect international norms and conventions."



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