​​​​​​​Ibrahim Kaban: Ocalan’s ideology contributes to solve all outstanding issues 

The political researcher and director of the Geostrategic Center for Studies, Ibrahim Kaban, said that what the leader Ocalan produced through his pleadings, especially the theory of the democratic nation, was enough to transcend the classical stage at the national level, in addition to describing the theory as a full-fledged project; To end the conflicts in the Middle East.

The statement of the Director of the Geostrategic Center for Studies, Ibrahim Kaban, came during a meeting with him, via virtual means of communication, about the importance of the ideas presented by Leader Ocalan to the Middle Eastern peoples, especially the Kurdish people.

Kaban began his speech by saying, "When we stop in front of this great figure through whom we realize the value of human thought and philosophy at the political and social level and the strategic understanding of the transformations that occur in the Middle East in general and our regions in particular, and about the theory of understanding logic in the analysis of reality, we will naturally reach Mr. Ocalan.”

Kaban also noted that the solutions offered by leader Ocalan "to the social and political issues and the contradictions that are in fact, dominate the course of political, cultural and even societal events and at the level of mentality in all tracks in the Middle East, we find that the search for solutions to all the issues that our societies suffer from, will reach us." Naturally, all of these paths lead to the theses of the thinker and philosopher Abdullah Ocalan.

The solutions offered by Ocalan are sustainable, not temporary

He added, "If we go back 7 decades from the social structure in our country, we will find that there are dozens of issues called closed puzzles, many problems, many contradictions, many conflicts, which are a natural product of these clashes between our societies, and we will look for solutions again with the thinker Abdullah Ocalan.”

Considering that the solution to the problems of societies lies in the theses of leader Ocalan, "especially in the five pleadings. We will find that the solutions are not immediate and not for a specific time or a specific geographical spot, but rather transcend the classic social custom, and transcend the political strategic readings."

He also said, "I searched for most of Mr. Ocalan's theses on a point that raises doubt or suspicion or even generates disagreement, but I always came to logical solutions that end all the problems of our outstanding issues."

Kaban drew attention to the fact that the region has suffered a lot, especially with regard to issues of women's freedom and harmony among the peoples of the region. He explained that these issues are the result of the policies of authoritarian regimes based on maintaining conflicts and dictatorship.

In this regard, he said, "We suffer from many problems. The required solutions must be based on facts and a correct diagnosis, which was presented by the thinker Abdullah Ocalan."

Kaban also mentioned a number of problems that Leader Ocalan addresses and proposes solutions to, such as the conflict between socialism and capitalism, the remnants of global capitalism, the solutions offered to break the contract, the sediments created by the tyrannical regimes, which led to the creation of a difference between their peoples and many other topics and issues.

The theory that unites these peoples is the theory of the democratic nation

Kaban emphasized that the theory that unites these peoples is the theory of the democratic nation that addresses the minds of these peoples to unify their energies and use them in specific paths, "not only in order to save the human being in our regions but to save the future of our countries."

He continued his speech by saying, "We have passed the stage of the classic mentality at the national level based on rapprochement between peoples, understanding and brotherhood are the slogans of the democratic nation."

At the end of his speech, political researcher and director of the Geostrategic Center for Studies Ibrahim Kaban pointed out that the democratic nation project is a project that can spread and suit all peoples, saying, "We find that Islam as a religion when it proposed the idea of ​​joint action and brotherhood among society, became a widespread religion in the region. Marxism when we review it, we find that it has adopted The international situation, which contributed to its great spread, and the democratic nation was engineered by the thinker Abdullah Ocalan, who combined the requirements of the peoples into one project capable of success because it has the components.



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