Ibrahim: Returning refugees is Erdogan's pretext for demographic change

The head of the Euphrates branch of the Future Syria Party, Kedim Ibrahim, said that the language of the threat followed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan expresses his desire to occupy northern and eastern Syria and change the identity of the region.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan renewed his threat to the north and east of Syria, hinting to occupy the region despite a tripartite understanding between the SDF, the US, and Turkey to ensure the security of Syria's northern border with Turkey.

Under the understanding, to address what Turkey says are fears of its southern border, the SDF has worked to backfill its military fortifications on the border in the area between Sirikaiyna and Gire Spi / Tal Abyad and withdrew from the border points outside the agreed area in the context of the agreement. The security mechanism after the points were handed over to the local military councils.

But the Turkish president did not delay too long until he returned to threat to launch an attack on the region, which hosts more than 5 million Syrians along with thousands of displaced people and refugees, and is today one of the most secure and stable areas of Syria.

Erdogan has not only threatened, as he has been promoting, as he has done for years, the plan to resettle Syrian refugees in Turkey within northern and eastern Syria, particularly in border areas where the Turkish president claims to establish a so-called "safe area."

In this context, Hawar news agency met with the head of the Euphrates branch of the Future Syria Party, Kedim Ibrahim, who said that "Turkey's history is clear, since the beginning of the Syrian revolution there has been an endeavor for the Turkish state in this revolution which was transformed from peaceful to military, and Erdogan showed that he is a sponsor of the revolution. He succeeded by destroying the infrastructure, looting and stealing the country's wealth."

After the failure of Erdogan and after the implementation of the project of the democratic nation in northern and eastern Syria and the peoples' fraternity, which contradicts the Brotherhood sought by Erdogan, Turkish President claimed his fear for the security of his people and the pretext of a safe area or a corridor of peace, as claimed by a length of 480 km and a depth of 30 km wants to change demography of the region through the settlement of Syrian refugees in Turkey within this region, after being stripped of its original inhabitants such as Afrin, and is now begging several countries, including Russia and Iran to help him in the formation of this safe area.

He pointed out that "Erdogan has a malicious intention, and has ambitions in the goods of Syria as did his ancestors and occupied Syria for 400 years who did not bring the country other than poverty and ignorance.

Regarding the Turkish procrastination towards the understanding on the security mechanism, Kedim Ibrahim said that "Erdogan withdrew from the agreement because his intention of occupation and its aim to change the identity of the region through the displacement of its original inhabitants and the housing of Syrian refugees there," and this was not achieved in the context of the understanding of the security mechanism.

Ibrahim appealed to the Syrian and Turkish peoples to oppose the Turkish regime, which targets the people of the region and aspires to occupy neighboring countries.

"We say yes to the language of dialogue, no to the threats and the language of superiority," he added.

In conclusion, Kedim Ibrahim, said, "Erdogan raised the map of Syria in the United Nations Assembly to divert the attention of his people after he switched from a zero-problem policy to a policy of problems and the decline of the Turkish lira and the collapse of the economy and politics. It is legally unacceptable and invalid, Erdogan should turn to the Turkish interior and solve its internal problems instead of interfering in the affairs of neighboring countries.



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