IC must be formed to hold IS accountable

AL-Shahba Canton Council's members have stressed the necessity to establish an international court (IC) to hold accountable of IS on the horrible crimes committed against humanity and to be in the north and east of Syria and added, "We must fight sleeper cells and eliminate them because they are trying to destabilize security and stability in the liberated areas."

After the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) defeated IS mercenaries in north and east of Syria and captured thousands of IS members, most of them IS' foreigners whose countries had refused to return them back, the components of north and east of Syria demanded to establish IC to hold IS accountable on their crimes committed in the area.

The member in al-Shahba Canton Council Ismail Hamdo said, "An international tribunal must be formed under the auspices of the United Nations and Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria to try IS mercenaries in areas where they have committed crimes against humanity."

On the burden of IS mercenaries and their families, said the member of al-Shahba Council Mahmoud Haj Issa, "European countries abandoned their citizens who had joined ISIS, which is a great burden on (DAA) in all respects, but an international tribunal must be established to hold them accountable for their crimes."

The member of the Culture and Art Committee in al-Shahba Council Ahmed Salama stressed the necessity to try IS and prosecute the sleeper cells and added, "The United Nations must form an international tribunal under their supervision and hold IS' mercenaries accountable because the danger of mercenaries still exists through their sleeper cells that are trying to destabilize security and stability in the liberated areas."



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