Idlib between calm and escalation on Turkish concern of a Russian trick

The situation in the demilitarized zone and behind it the regional situation is going to anonymousness, where the Syrian regime has declined diplomatically with Ankara on the violent escalation in Idlib, through which Ankara seeks to mix papers for fear of a Russian trick through the truce.

 On Wednesday morning, the Arab newspapers focused on the situation in the so-called demilitarized zones of Syria and the regional relations associated with it.

Al-Arab: Damascus calm down diplomatically with Ankara on the impact of the return of escalation in Idlib

In this context, al-Arab newspaper published, "Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem said on Tuesday that his country did not want an armed confrontation with Turkey after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened that his forces would respond to the targeting of their positions in Idlib province."

It made clear, "Three observation points were bombed during the recent period on the impact of military escalation between the Syrian forces and the Islamic and jihadist factions in the province in northwestern Syria, and Ankara accused Damascus to stand behind the targeting of those points."

It added, "It is feared that a direct clash will erupt between the Turkish and Syrian forces, which consider the existence of Turkey as an occupation, but analysts rule out this because Russia will not allow things to deteriorate, and Ankara, despite the rush, is aware that it will find itself in a confrontation with Moscow in the event of such a suicide step."

According to the newspaper, observers: "Turkey is trying to mix the cards in Idlib and its vicinity to the realization that the Russian truce is only to pick up the Syrian army breath and re-ranks."

She added that "Turkey is betting on Heyat Tahrir al-Sham and the jihadist factions in its orbit in the implementation of its strategy in Syria, which is based on two points, the first is to impose influence in the north of Syria and the expulsion of the Kurds, on the other hand, Damascus and behind it Moscow seems to have settled their order to end the existence of the body and the rest The Syrian Foreign Minister stressed that Idlib is the province of Syria and will eliminate the terrorist organizations in it, stressing the need to exit all foreign forces in Syria illegally ."



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