Idlib truce is at odds with Russian planes entering the line

Fronts flare up again in the areas called "de-escalation" according to the Russian-Turkish understandings, as Russia launches raids on the Idlib countryside on the fourth day of the new truce in conjunction with contradicting statements between Russia and Turkey and the regime, so did the dispute escalate?

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the renewed aerial bombardment of an area called "de-escalation" according to the Russian-Turkish vision, after midnight Tuesday - Wednesday, and this morning.

Russian warplanes carried out several raids on areas in Ma'arshorin and Masran in the countryside of Maarat al-Numan, southeast of Idlib.

On the other hand, the regime forces bombed places in Al-Ghadfa, Masran, Abu Juraif, the churches, and the hill of Sheikh Berifi, in the eastern and southeast countryside of Idlib, without information about casualties.

This escalation comes on the fourth day of the cease-fire declared by Russia and Turkey, following the meeting of the Presidents of the two countries, Putin and Erdogan.

The Syrian regime revealed a tripartite meeting between Russia and Turkey and the regime in Moscow, and the contradictions between these countries were contradictory.

The first contradiction came between Russia and Turkey. After the meeting between Putin and Erdogan, Russia announced the date for the start of a new truce in Idlib, but Turkey announced a different date.

Besides, after the security meeting that took place in Moscow, Turkey reported that the meeting discussed how to cooperate between the two parties to launch an attack on the SDF, but the regime denied this, and confirmed that the meeting focused on the situation in Idlib, and the exit of Turkish forces from Syria.

These contradictions show a great disagreement between the two parties, which pushes things towards escalation, as was accompanied by a Russian-Turkish failure over the Astana scenario in Libya, where Khalifa Hafter refused to agree to the truce in protest against the Turkish role.

According to observers, Russia has pledged to Turkey to persuade Haftar to agree to this, but the latter has disappointed Turkey's hopes.


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