IDPs associations denounce Turkish occupation of Afrin and condemn the international silence

 Today, the IDPs associations in the western countryside of Raqqa made a statement to the public, in which they denounced the Turkish occupation of Afrin and the international silence regarding the brutal crimes committed by Turkey in the occupied territories.

 Dozens of members of associations and a number of members of civil institutions participated in the statement, which was read today by the head of the associations, Sheikh Nayef Al-Quraan.

 The text of the statement stated:

 On behalf of the associations of from all Syrian governorates, we strongly condemn and denounce the occupation of Afrin and all the brutal crimes that are immorally practiced against our people in the city of Afrin and all areas occupied by the fascist Turkish state.

 The statement added, "Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution, the Turkish state represented by Erdogan has been conspiring against the Syrian people, as Turkey has contributed to arming mercenaries and encouraged exodus and supported ISIS gangs to enter Kobani, but it was met with heroic resistance by the people of Kobani and with them all the Syrians."

 The statement recalled the crimes of the Turkish state, "Today, Turkey is still using all means, including killing, displacement, and demographic change for all the areas it occupies, and uses all non-human means that target all components of the Syrian people and peace-loving peoples."

 The statement noted, "Turkey destroyed homes, cut down trees and displaced people with the aim of undermining our multiple cultures and plundering our resources."

 The statement condemned "the silence of the international community and human rights organizations in the face of these practices, and we announce that what is happening in Afrin is targeting all the Syrian people."

 The statement called on "all countries of the world to stand up to their responsibilities, and we want peace for all the peoples of the world, and we say every olive will give birth to a hero and a martyr, and it is impossible for the olives to end."



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