​​​​​​​If Erdogan wins, this is what we will do: we will take Aleppo and Syrian-Iraqi borders

The Turkish Minister of the Interior, Suleyman Soylo, claimed that Aleppo falls within their borders in the Milli Pact and that they will grant citizenship to those living there and control the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Suleyman Soylo, who joined a Turkish TV program, repeated their dirty plans. and indicated once again that their first goal is to eliminate the Kurdistan Liberation Movement. Soylo's statements indicate that the Justice and Development Party will rely on it in its campaign and electoral propaganda during the second round of the presidential elections.

Soylo also touched once again on their plans for NE Syria and the Autonomous Administration, and stated that they would attack the region.

Referring to their dirty plans and goals after the elections, Soylo said: "We have returned 553,335 of our Syrian brothers to the safe areas. Most of the Syrian refugees come from the city of Aleppo, and Aleppo falls within our borders in the Milli Pact. The Republic of Turkey has always opposed considering the Turkmen in "Syria and Iraq" as citizens of these two countries. The process has changed and has reached a stage where we grant them citizenship, they are our brothers. We will clear the Syrian-Iraqi border and will not leave it to America and the terrorists".



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