'If the parties represent us, we want them united'

Kobani city's people have demanded from the Kurdish political parties to unite the Kurdish row in confronting any threaten the Kurdish presence to defend the gains that had been achieved by martyrs' bloods

In parallel with the efforts of the Kurdistan National Congress - Rojava to unite the Kurdish ranks and hold an all-inclusive national conference involving Kurdish forces, Rojava's children demand that these forces be one row to confront the challenges of the current stage.

Hawar news agency (ANHA) met with a number of Kobani residents who said that although the parties represented the people, the people demanded unity.

Mustafa Sophie, who works on a freight car in the city of Kobani, said the gains of the Kurdish people have been under attack for centuries by the occupying powers, the Kurds must unite in the face of this, unfortunately the opposite is done.

"This is what our enemies want. They want to eradicate the Kurds and sow discord among Kurdish forces to beat the gains made with martyrs' blood."

"If the parties want peace, they must unite," said Mustapha Soufi.

In a related context, Mohammed Darwish Habash appealed to everyone to work for the unification of the Kurdish row, because discrimination leads to collapse, he said.

He added: "The current discrimination experienced by the Kurds hurt us a lot, we say to all parties that say they speak for the Kurdish people, we are here, we the people, we ask them to unite to resist against any entity that threatens the Kurds."

For his part, Hussein Saleh Buzan explained that "when ISIS mercenaries launched an aggression against the city of Kobani did not differentiate between one party and another, it targeted everyone who speaks Kurdish, but it seems that the Kurds, especially the parties, never learned this lesson.”

"All those who talk about peace must become pacifists and this will only be achieved by uniting among the Kurdish parties," he said.



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