Ilham Ahmed: Afrin shelling before NATO meeting is a plot by Turkish State

​​​​​​​Ilham Ahmed explained that before the NATO meeting, the Turkish Occupying State wanted to create a new conspiracy by bombing the city of Afrin. But it did not succeed, saying: "Turkey wishes to exploit the themes of the events of Manbij and the bombing of Afrin to reintroduce the project (Buffer Zone) at the NATO meeting, but its expectations will not be as he wanted."

Commenting on recent events such as the bombing of Afrin city hospital, events in Manbij city, Turkish threats of occupation, and the return of tensions and battles to the fronts of Idlib, Ilham Ahmed said that they were among Turkey's plans to re-introduce the "Buffer Zone."

Member of the Executive Body of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, spoke during a special statement to ANHA.

"A planned Afrin attack between Turkey and the Damascus government to accuse SDF"

Adding:" Afrin city has been targeted before NATO meeting and Turkish State did not achieve what it wants to occupy more Syrian lands in north and east Syria reaching to Aleppo city, but his schemes failed to reach what he wanted, Erdogan seeks by statements to build " Buffer Zone" in northern Syria to bring this file back on the NATO table, and to accept this request, he launched an attack on the occupied city of Afrin."

Ilham stressed that: "This was agreed between the Damascus Government and Turkey, or between the mercenaries and the Damascus Government, and the result is the planned attack to accuse the Syrian Democratic Forces of targeting the hospital, and to use this file at the NATO table in trying to stop USA and Coalition Forces their support to SDF, and this is what Turkey aims for.”

The Turkish State is insisting in accusing SDF in launching these attacks to say these areas under control of SDF is not safe, civilians are being targeted, so these areas must be handed over to Turkey."

Turkey seeks to reintroduce the "Buffer Zone" project

Speaking about the recent events in Manbij and the return of Turkish President Erdogan, his threats to occupy Manbij confirmed that "Turkey so far wishes to occupy Manbij and, on the other hand, the Damascus Government is seeking to control Manbij."

Damascus Government "sought, through the election file, to win the cordiality of the world, but not to reach its means, and to gain its legitimacy in the region, to recover areas beyond its control."

She said: " Damascus Government and Turkey have also sought to build on recent events in Manbij, the latter apparently trying to call these events a" civilian uprising against the Manbij administration, "as well as to use them as a pressure sheet at the NATO meeting, and to say that the people of the region do not wish to take control of the Syrian Democratic Forces."

Ilham Ahmed noted that "during the meetings between Russia and its American counterpart in the coming days, there will be discussion on various files and issues, which are accounts and charts on areas administered by AANES and the Syrian Democratic Forces."

These parties seek to acquire the file in favor of its benefit, by striking the stability to control of the region officially.

"Igniting the Idlib front is a warning to Turkey."

As for the resurgence of tension, shelling and fighting in the fronts of Idlib province, Alham said: "Much of the city of Idlib is under the control of Al Qaeda, and a large part of the civilian population is not loyal to Al Qaeda, while at the same time rejecting the control of the Damascus Government and the Turkish State, while another section is loyal to it."

"There have been agreements between Russia and Turkey on the city of Idlib, and America and Europe cannot be excluded from these agreements, so far no ceasefire has been declared."

Ilham stressed that, prior to the NATO meeting, the Damascus Government and the Turkish State had reignited this front, while Turkey was now on two fronts, on one side facing NATO and on the other against its Russian ally.

Ilham said: "The only victims of these conventions are innocent civilians, and in order to put an end to sales and procurement policies, wars and targeting of civilians must stop."

She concluded by saying: "If it is Idlib or any other area, civilians must be protected, as must the return of the Ghouta people to their areas and thus to ensure the return of the Afrin people to their homes."



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