Ilham Ahmed: exclusion of real representatives of Syrian people from conferences led to disastrous results

"The exclusion of the real representatives of the Syrian people from the external conferences held to discuss the Syrian crisis had catastrophic consequences for the Syrian people," said the head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council (SDC), during a speech she gave at the opening of a symposium the SDF in the city of Kobani.

The works of the symposium the Syrian Democratic Council held in the city of Kobani began on Friday morning, in the presence of representatives of the tribes in the Euphrates region, in addition to the presence of politicians, intellectuals, and representatives of the Autonomous Administration institutions and civil society activities.

The symposium comes within a series of symposiums held by the Syrian Democratic Council in various regions in northern and eastern Syria under the slogan "Towards a National Conference for the People of al-Jazeera and the Euphrates."

130 Kurdish and Arab political figures, along with sheikhs and tribal leaders from the Arab and Kurdish components, will attend the symposium, which is held in Nowruz Hall, south of Kobani.

The head of the Executive Committee of the Syrian Democratic Council, Ilham Ahmed, delivered the opening speech with "the true representatives of the Syrian people did not participate in international external conferences on the solution in Syria, and that the parties sponsoring those conferences excluded the most important ideas that possess the project for the solution in Syria."

Ilham Ahmed affirmed that “the representatives of the Syrian regime represented the Baath Party and not the aspirations of the Syrian people who suffer from the scourge of the war, and the representatives of the Syrian opposition represented the Turkish agendas,” noting that “the results of these conferences were disastrous for the Syrian people, and this shows the extent of the sponsor parties’ desire holding "Geneva - Sochi - Astana conferences " to prolong the life of the crisis in Syria.

The work of the symposium will continue with discussions on the following themes: “The Syrian-Syrian dialogue, the dialogue with the opposition, the dialogue with the regime, the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, and their reflection on the political solution in Syria.”


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