Ilham Ahmed: Syrians’ compatibility within unified framework blocks foreign interference

Ilham Ahmed called on the Syrian political parties to pave the way for reaching a general framework agreed upon by all Syrians and blocks the path of external interference.

In the third and final part of the interview conducted by Hawar news agency with the head of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed, she talked about the road map in order to get Syria to safety in the current and future stages, ways of compatibility among the parties of the Syrian opposition, and what the political scene is witnessing in this endeavor, whether Cairo conference, the constitutional committee, or Geneva and others.

‘Opposition is required to review its old attitudes’

Ilham Ahmed pointed to the ways of compromise with the opposition other parties to reach a unified position to resolve the Syrian crisis, and she said: “First, there must be a general framework agreed upon by all Syrians, and the opposition is required to review its old positions and reach a conviction that the agreement with the Syrians will be the correct policy that can be followed to save Syria from the crisis it is passing through.”

 ‘Syrians can agree and find solution for all pending issues’

Ilham Ahmed noted, “The possibilities of communication exist and are not difficult despite all the military operations that took place, but with the agreement, all matters of the past can be dealt with, whether being combat operations, areas occupied, or a demographic change that took place on the Syrian soil. This is within the political agreements among the Syrian political parties, and to be a prove to the world and international and regional powers that the Syrians can agree and find a solution to all outstanding issues.”

‘We are an organized party of Cairo conference now’

In her response to the importance of Cairo conference which is being prepared for, and the role of the Syrian Democratic Council in it, she said: “What we are witnessing now is the restructuring of the negotiating body, as the independents were changed in the negotiating body, and there may be a change in the other blocs and platforms. We are now an organized party to Cairo conference, and we hope that there will be positive results with these changes that can occur in the context of negotiations.”

‘We are not participants in constitutional committee, but there will be other ways to participate in it’

Ilham Ahmed added: “We are not involved in the constitutional committee, but there will be other ways to participate in it, and what it comes out of it. We are in continuous communication with all parties, whether in the Constitution Committee, or outside it. We have contacts, meetings and continuous communication with the negotiating delegation, and it will have positive results at the national level, and what can be relied upon in the coming days.”

‘Each of Russia and America has a key role in managing the crisis’

About the role of Russia and America in the future of Syria, Ilham made clear: “There are two main actors in Syria which are Russia and America, and there is a Turkish intervention in the region by various means to have a role in shaping the features of the future Syria. Both Russia and America have a key role in managing the crisis and what is happening on the ground. What is required of both parties (regional states and the international community) is to support the Syrians to move towards a real solution.

‘Syrian people do not support the authority that ruled the country during previous years’

Ilham Ahmed stressed the need to support the Syrians in order to stop the war, stop the military support for extremist factions on the Syrian soil, support the political side, abandon the focus on military support, not to exclude any party of the solution in Syria,  support the democratic forces for reconstruction, and stop shooting to rearrange the Syrian house.”

The head of the Executive Board of the Syrian Democratic Council Ilham Ahmed emphasized on the Syrians' rejection of any foreign interference. She also stressed that the Syrians have the ability, the will and the plan to set a new map for Syria away from external interference.”

 She concluded: “The Syrians do not accept external interference, and the Syrian people are not with the authority that ruled the country during previous years, and that caused a catastrophe in Syria. Therefore, these policies must be changed, whether by the regime or other parties to start a new stage.” She called for all Syrian political parties to give messages to all these forces that their presence must serve and support the Syrians, and maintain peace and security until the transition to a comprehensive political process, and they must be true friends of the Syrian people.



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