Important decisions for AA aimed at facilitating curfew period for citizens

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria has issued several new decisions aimed at securing the needs of citizens, especially families who depend to earn their living on daily work, during the period of the curfew imposed to avoid the appearance of the Corona virus.

In its endeavors to facilitate the needs of citizens during the ban period, the Autonomous Administration instructed distributing food aid due to the inability of the poor and needy families to gain their livelihood due to their dependence on daily work.

The Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria also decided to pass funerals of the deceased residents of northern and eastern Syria and bury them in special graves near the crossings from which they entered, in order to avoid the transmission of the Corona virus.

The administration also decided to subject all arrivals from the north and east of Syria to quarantine for a period of 14 days.

Of note, the Autonomous Administration of northern and eastern Syria implemented several precautionary measures to prevent the entry of the Corona virus into the region, including the closure of schools, institutions, and border crossings, in addition to imposing a curfew in the region that entered its seventh day.



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