Important recommendations decisions at conclusion of International Forum on ISIS

At the conclusion of the conference, participants at the international forum reached a number of resolutions and recommendations.

The International Forum on Daesh, which was held under the auspices of NRLS in Amouda district, during which it held seven discussion sessions on various aspects of political, military, cultural, religious, and their impact on women, the role of women in combating terrorism, and how to find solutions to reduce the resurgence of recovery.

The third and final day of the forum ended with a number of decisions and recommendations that can be built upon and worked on in the future to try mercenaries and support parties and how to deal with the families of the foreign Daesh mercenareis  during an oral statement read by Laila Rasoul, the official of NRLS in front of the media in the forum hall.

The statement began by appreciating the role played by the People's and Women's Protection Units and SDF in defeating Daesh geographically in the support of the international coalition against terrorism. It also praised the safe and stable conditions enjoyed by the areas of north and east Syria.

The statemnt included :

" we in the NRLS' Administration are expressing our deep thanks and appreciation to all the participants and the valuable questions and questions raised by the participants. We raise our recommendations to the world public opinion, which is one of the most important points agreed upon during the forum sessions:

1. Develop a joint strategy by the coalition and the international community to combat Daesh in all aspects of security, intellectual, cultural, economic and social.

2 - In order not to organize a new Daesh there is an urgent need to establish security and stability in the region and  this requires support the Autonomous Administration in various fields.

3. Despite the enormous sacrifices made by the People's and Women's Protection Units and the Syrian Democratic Forces to protect the region and the world from terrorism. Despite the constructive role played by the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria during the years of the Syrian crisis and in the absence of 30% of the population of Syria in negotiations to resolve the crisis Syria , the UN and international forces to engage the involvement of the political administration in the north and east of Syria in the process of negotiations.

4 - To find a solution to the Syrian crisis and the region there is a need for a new democratic system that dries up the sources that produced the extremist organizations and the democratic nation as an integrated system with its dimensions and elements is considered a model solution and peace project, if implemented.

5. In order to implement the relevant Security Council resolutions and to bring about justice, a tribunal of an international character should be set up in northern and eastern Syria to prosecute thousands of members of the organization on detainees and their families and providing financial and logistical support by the International Coalition to help the Autonomus Administration.

6. In view of the perpetration of genocide against women and in order to protect their freedom and dignity, there is a need for a new political, social system that guarantees the rights of women in all spheres.

7. As a result of the violence committed against children by Daesh, it is necessary to view children as victims of war, rehabilitate them and integrate them into their communities of origin and protect them to provide a safe and stable environment for them

8- Emphasize the spirituality of religions and their moral values and highlight the concept of democratic Islam in the face of radical Islam.

9. due to the exposure of the Yazidi Kurdish people and Yezidi women in Shengal to genocide by Daesh, it is necessary to recognize this genocide by the United Nations and to guarantee the rights of the Yazidis in Iraq by recognizing their rights and respecting their choices, which is a must to protect this indigenous people from new crimes.

10 - What is exposed to Afrin of demographic change and ethnic cleansing by the factions of jihadist and extremist supported by the Turkish occupation state is the continuity of the organization of Daesh and Jabhat al-Nusra, under other names, so combating these organizations is necessary for the security of the region and the world at large.

11. consider the day of March 23 as a world day to commemorate the day of the defeat of terrorism.



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