In a mass demonstration Afrinians defiant to return home

Organized by the Revolutionary Youth Movement a mass demonstration was held today in the Sherawa district of the Afrin Canton in condemnation of Turkish occupation and crimes.

Marking the fourth annual anniversary of the onslaught commneced by the Turkish occupation forces supported by its mercenary groups a mass demonstration was held today by the Afrin and Shahba people.

After a minute of silence was observed in deference to martyrs of resistance at the 'ode Camp in the village of Ziyaret  a speech was delivered by Reshid Sulaiman on behalf of the Youth Movement in which he said '' the resistance put up by the Afrin people lasted for 58 days against one of the highly advanced technologies aborted all schemes on the NATO second army that claimed it will occupy Afrin within three days''.

From her part, Co-chair of the Executive Council of the Afrin Canton, Shiraz Hemo said '' the unprecedented resistance put up changed all plots hatched by the Turkish occupation to annihilate the Kurdish people''.

Shiraz added '' all crimes committed are mere plots to deport the people of the region'', Turkish occupation was perturbed by the co-habitation and the leadership assumed by women for which it sought to annihilate the Kurds''.

Then a speech was made by Mohamed Adel on behalf of the Shahba Canton in which he paid tribute to the resistance put up by the people of Afrin. Adel indicated all acts against the Turkish occupation state against the Afrin people are similar to those undertaken by ISIS mercenary groups against the people on north and east Syria'.

Adel laid stress on the need of continuing resistance against the Turkish occupation state and its affiliated mercenary group[s to liberate the land and return home''.



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