In Amed and Mardin, resistance continues against violations

It has been eleven days since the seizure of the two people’s municipalities in Mardin as the parliamentarians in the Democratic Peoples’ Party and the people have been fighting for 11 days.

Despite the police's attempt to suppress the resistance, residents continue their activities condemning Turkish practices in Bakur (northern Kurdistan).

In the arena where people are meeting today, MPs of the Democratic Peoples’ Party, Necdet Ibkyuz, said: "We resist here every day. We resist in Amed, Wan and in many other cities as well. We will demonstrate our position on practices democratically. People cannot breathe due to the practices and mistakes that occur, in order to terrorize the people they appoint agents. "

Referring to the past practices of agents, Ibkyuz said: "The agents initially appointed are fighting our language, our culture and our history. We have come and removed all these obstacles. Despite all the obstacles, our people saw us as the most worthy of their management. We will resist and will not remain silent."

Ibkyuz having delivered his speech, the crowd went to the district building and chanted slogans.

At the time of the gathering of the people, including the parliamentarians of the Democratic Peoples’ Party, Falaknaz Oja, Musa Firasoglari, Salha Deniz, Dersim Dag, Imam Tashger and Yıldırım Yıldırım, on Liza Street near the city's central municipal building.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish government since 19 of this month, has seized the municipalities of three major cities in northern Kurdistan, Amed, Wan and Mardin, and separated its superiors on false charges and appointed agents.

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