​​​​​​​In exchange for 8,000 euros, Turkish mercenaries kill Yazidi elderly in his home

The Turkish occupation mercenaries killed a Yazidi citizen from Sherawa district of Afrin after he refused to pay a royalty for selling a plot of agricultural land to pay off the ransom debts he had previously paid to the mercenaries when they kidnapped him earlier.

Afrin Activists Network confirmed that the mercenaries of Faylaq al-Sham of the Turkish occupation killed on Thursday 13-08-2020 the Yazidi elderly "Nuri Jammu Omar Sharaf" who is 63 years old from the village of Shodereh / Sheikh al-Deir of Sherawa district because of his refusal to pay a monetary royalty for selling a piece of agricultural land.

Sources from the village of Shoudereh confirmed that three mercenaries from Faylaq al-Sham raided the house of the citizen Nuri Jammo last night at about 09:00 pm and shot him directly in the head, which led to losing his life immediately.

The sources said that the citizen Nuri Jammo was kidnapped before and was released after he paid a ransom of 8,000 euros to the mercenaries, which his family had borrowed, and in order to pay off the debt, Jammo sold a plot of agricultural land he owned, and yet the mercenaries asked him to pay a royalty in exchange for selling his land as well.



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