In light of chaos and insecurity, 4 people of one family murdered in Daraa

Repeatedly the crimes of killing are increasing in the city of Daraa, despite the so-called "settlement" by the Damascus government, as 4 people from one family were killed in the town of Nassib.

SOHR has monitored a new bloody incident took place in Daraa in light of the chaos and insecurity prevalent throughout Daraa, 4 people of one family were killed by gunmen in the border town of Nassib with Jordan in Daraa countryside.

" The gunmen then headed to Naseeb town as they are summoned by “The office of the security committee in Naseeb,” for “killing a young tribesman weeks ago.” SOHR added.

Yesterday, SOHR reported that a conscripted of Damascus forces died after being targeted a few days ago by unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle in Al-Sul neighborhood near Daraa city.

The so-called “settlements” made by the Damascus government under Russian auspices failed twice, the first in 2018 and the second in 2021to put an end the state of security chaos in Daraa.



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