In light of tension with Turkey ... Egyptian - French exercises in Mediterranean

A military spokesperson for the Egyptian forces said that the Egyptian and French naval forces are carrying out passing maritime training within the Mediterranean.

The spokesman added in a statement: "Within the framework of the General Command of the Armed Forces to upgrade the level of training and exchange experiences with the armed forces of brotherly and friendly countries, the Egyptian and French naval forces have carried out naval training across the northern fleet in the Mediterranean with the participation of the Egyptian stealthy frigate (Long live Egypt) with the French stealthy frigate ACONIT.

He stated that the training "included many activities of a professional nature focused on methods of organizing cooperation in carrying out combat missions in the sea against hostile naval formations with the actual use of weapons in engagement with surface and air targets."

The spokesman pointed to the implementation of the confrontational battles with the use of seaborne aircraft.

He emphasized that "the training showed the extent of professionalism of the ships crews in carrying out combat missions with high accuracy and efficiency, with a focus on common coordination points between all the common elements."

The spokesman pointed out that the training comes within the framework of supporting the pillars of joint cooperation between the Egyptian and French armed forces, and getting acquainted with the latest fighting systems and methods so as to contribute to the refinement of combat and operational skills and expertise, and to support maritime security, stability and peace efforts in the Mediterranean.


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