In parallel with Turkey's threat, Daesh's cells continue their criminal activities: ISF say

Following several bombings in Hasakah and Qamishlo cantons, the General Information Center of the Internal Security Forces(ISF) in northern and eastern Syria pointed out that the Sleeper cells of Daesh have intensified their activity in the recent period, in parallel with the threat of Turkey to occupy areas of northeastern Syria.

The General Information Center of the Internal Security Forces(ISF) in northern and eastern Syria issued a public statement on the bombings in Al-Hasakah canton and in Al-Shadadi town.

The text of the statement:

The sleeper cells affiliated with the terrorist organization of Daesh continue their criminal actions, with the aim of targeting security and creating an atmosphere of fear and panic in the hearts of the citizens, by committing cowardly acts against innocent civilians. The organization carried out, through its agendas, three terrorist operations took place since Sunday morning, August 4, Two operations in the neighborhoods of "al-Neshwa al-Gherbiya" and "Musheirfa" in the city of al-Hasakah,  where a 15-year-old boy lost his life.

More than one official in northeastern Syria, warned that the Turkish threats are pushing Daesh to intensify its activity.

Turkey has been mobilizing forces off the north-east of Syria for about a month and is threatening to occupy the region.

 The statement added, "Another operation took place in the town of al-Shadadi, near the village of Adla on the road between the cities of al-Shadadi and Deir ez-Zor, targeted a truck of military construction, in which the driver was injured in various injuries and was taken to the hospital.

We in the Internal Security Forces in northern and eastern Syria assure our people that such acts targeting civilians and military personnel are evidence that the terrorist cells of the terrorist organization of Daesh are not discriminating between civilians and military personnel, and that whatever they do, we will continue our work in research and expose those who target the security of our cities and the safety of our people, until the detection of all those who attempt to hit the security of our regions.



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