​​​​​​​ANHA captures unthinkable devastation on Assyrian village of Tal Tawil in Tal Tamr

ANHA's obtained photos from inside the Assyrian village of Tal al-Tawil, west of Tal Tamr, showing the extent of damage caused to citizens' properties as a result of the bombing of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries yesterday.

ANHA documented the extent of the damage caused by the indiscriminate shelling that targeted the Assyrian village of Tal Tawil, west of Tal Tamr district of Hasaka canton, after it was subjected to violent indiscriminate shelling yesterday evening.

The pictures show the material damage to the property of the citizens and the village school, which was directly bombed, in addition to telephone networks and the village church.

Since October 19, 2019, the areas of Zarghan and Tal Tamr and their countryside have been subjected to almost daily indiscriminate bombardment by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.



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