In response to cancellation of the Istanbul Agreement ... Women continue to protest

Women’s reactions to Turkey’s withdrawal from the Istanbul agreement continue throughout Turkish cities, amid raids and arrests of women by the Turkish police.

Yesterday, women protested in front of the Yeni Akit newspaper in Istanbul regarding withdrawal from the Istanbul agreement, and held up a banner reading "enemies of women."

However, the police did not allow the protest to expand and intervened and arrested 4 women, all of them (Yildiz Idil, Burkujul Kubuk, Basak Yishilot and Sahar Petas).

On August 12, members of the women's platform met in Ankara and organized an event against the withdrawal of signatures from the Istanbul Convention, but the police blocked the road, and arrested 24 women, including two lawyers.

While the Izmir Women's Protection Network protested against the AKP's calls to cancel the Istanbul Agreement, and said during the protest, "Since the day the withdrawal from the Istanbul Convention appeared, women have been fighting in the field, on social media, and protesting against it despite being subjected to cruelty by the police and their arrest." We will not abandon the Istanbul Agreement, which is the lifeblood of women. "

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