In solidarity with Gina Amini and Iranian women, Swedish parliamentarian cuts her hair in European Parliament

The Parliament from the Swedish Center Party, Abeer Al-Sahlani cut her hair during a session in Parliament dedicated to discussing the ongoing protests in Rojhlat and Iran, and chanting in Kurdish and English the slogan “Women, life.” Freedom", calling for a clear European position on what is happening in Iran.

In her speech during the session, she demanded a clear European position on what is happening in Rojhlat and Iran, directing harsh criticism of the European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, asking him to take a clear position against the Iranian regime.

"I am so tired of these old men muttering, especially when it comes to women's rights," Abeer Al-Sahlani told Aftonbladet newspaper. "I did it to show that Iranian women's voice is heard all the way here."

The young Kurdish woman, Gina Amini, was arrested on the 13th of last September by the Iranian authorities for allegedly not wearing the hijab properly and revealing her hair, then she was killed under torture, which ignited a popular uprising in Rojhlat Kurdistan and Iran.



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