In solidarity with Leyla Guven, her comrades, residents of Jaroudiya village went on hunger strike

In solidarity with parliamentarian Leyla Guven and her comrades hunger strikers for 111 days to demand an end to the isolation imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, 17 villagers from Jaroudiya village of Dêrik area of Qamishlo canton joined the hunger strike.


The peoples of north and east Syria continue their solidarity and support Leyla Guven and her fellow hunger strikers in order to demand the lifting of the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The residents of Jaroudiya village, at the initiative of the villagers, expressed their solidarity with the resistance by organizing a hunger strike in the village.

The residents have been on hunger strike since Saturday morning, where 17 people from the village are participating. The strikers wear white T-shirts that symbolize peace. They also raised a banner reading: "In the Spirit of Prison Resistance, we Will End the Isolation."

The hunger strike is scheduled to last for three days.

The hunger strikers chanted slogans saluting Ocalan's resistance and the struggler Leyla Guven and her comrades.



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