In the spirit of July 19, we will defeat terrorism, liberate Afrin

Under the slogan "With the spirit of 19 July, we will defeat the occupation and ensure Democratic Autonomous Administration," a mass rally of thousands of Afrin residents began today by the 7th anniversary of Rojava revolution in Serdem camp in al-Shahba canton.

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of Rojava revolution, hundreds of residents of Afrin region celebrated in Serdem camp of Al-Shahba canton.

Hundreds of residents of the Afrin region gathered on the road leading between the village of Tal Qarrah and Serdem refugee camp, holding banners with "In the spirit of July 19, we will defeat the occupation and ensure the Democratic Autonomous Administration." 19 July The nucleus of freedom and peace, 19 July Revolution against tyranny, revolution for the restoration of dignity and freedom of peoples, "in addition to the images of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan.

The march stopped in the yard of Serdem camp to start the events. After standing for a minute of silence, member of the Martyrs' Families Foundation Shervin Rifat and co-chair of Afrin Council Shiraz Hamo and Hevin Suliaman delivered speeches

The speeches emphasized that the revolution called for freedom, change and development and stressed women's pioneer role in the revolution.

The event included a festive paragraph, in which the Kazia band "The Wounded" performed a song. Khaji band then presented revolutionary songs, and Dabkeh band of Berkhdan camp presented songs.

Then the Shano band performed a silent play simulating authoritarianism, and how the uprising against it broke out.

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