In video ... Eid joy and children's wishes

Life was resurrected in the neighborhoods of the city of Hasakah, on the first day of Eid Al Fitr, with the joy of its children and their smiles that did not leave their faces after days of embargo.

Like other cities in northern and eastern Syria, Hasakeh is blessed with security and stability, as a result of its protection by its military forces, despite the continuing Turkish threats to the region.

The streets were filled with life and joy, after visiting the shrines of martyrs and other cemeteries by the parents, for the joy does not leave children on the first day of the holiday, by collecting sweets in all districts of the city.

Hawar News Agency monitored the atmosphere of Eid in the city, met with many children who expressed their great joy at the coming of Eid, and they wished various wishes.

The child Ibrahim Mohamed Ali says, "Our wish is to help the children of the camps, because they live in difficult conditions in the displacement camps."

As for the child Anas Othman, he says, "The holiday atmosphere is beautiful, I toured many neighborhoods and collected a large amount of sweets and candies. I wish peace to my family, and my request for the children to love each other and to be free from loathe and hatred."

The girl Eva Khalil showed that the holiday atmosphere is very beautiful, and the children should be happy on the holiday.

 She wished wars would end and live in peace and security.

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