In words… She summaries her suffering with ISIS

They beat me, flogged me, and forced me to convert the Islamic religion, I suffered of the violent forms of physical and physiological violence, in these words, the Yazidi girl Nadin Saleh sums up her suffering story with ISIS.


During the massacre committed by IS in Şengal, on 3 August, 2014, following the escape of the Kurdistan Democratic Peshmerga, the mercenaries had kidnapped hundreds of women and children of Şengal, and practiced the most heinous practices that contradict moral values.

The mercenaries sold the Yazidi women into slavery, they were presenting the women to the so-called princes "Omara" including Nadin Saleh, she was12 years old when she was kidnapped with her sisters and mother by the mercenaries during their attack on Şengal, she was imprisoned in Tal Afer in Iraq.

Nadin said "The mercenaries took me with my sister to al-Raqqa city, but my mother, who was with us, then they separated me from my sister and till now, I do not know anything about her and my mother.

She added "I was sold more than once. The first time I was given as a gift to a man who was leader in the mercenaries' ranks, a Syrian citizen, Abu Marira, he took me to al-Bab, I remained there for one year, I was subjected to the most severe tortures of beatings, insult and flogging if I violated his orders, not to mention my obligation to convert to Islam. "

She was sold also by the mercenary Abu Marira to another mercenary named Abu Ayman, and then sold to another Saudi mercenary, who was named Abu Abdullah Saudi. During these years Nadin moved in many areas occupied by ISIS, and subjected to the most severe forms of physical and psychological violence.

She tried to escape for 9 times, each time she was revealed, then she was flogged and beaten, they told her "we will make of you a lesson for the others, they put me in a small and dark room, preventing me from eating, and in the last try of escaping they threatened me of killing in front of everyone. 

The mercenaries had taken Nadin to their last stronghold, Hajin area, and during a qualitative operation, the Syrian Democratic Forces enabled to liberate Nadin with hundreds of other civilians from Hajin area.

At the end of her speech, Nadine thanked SDF and the Women Protection Units YPJ that liberated her and saved her from injustice.

The Women Protection Units handed Nadin Saleh to the Women Body of al-Jazeera canton, which will deliver her to her relatives in Şengal.

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