Initiative of "Listen to Leyla" released its final statement

The initiative of "Listen to Leyla" released its final statement of the meeting held in Amed city in Bakur in north Kurdistan, they stood in solidarity with Leyla Guven's resistance.


On the 115th day of Leyla Guven's resistance, women from England, Argentina, Turkey and Kurdistan, jurists, journalists, human rights defenders, women activists and representatives of women's organizations, civil society organizations, mothers of peace, mothers of Sabbath and mothers of Plaza de Mayo met under the slogan, "We Defend Life, Stand in Solidarity with Leyla."

Where the meeting was held in the city of Amed in Bakur (North Kurdistan) to stand in solidarity with the resistance of hunger strike which spread in different parts of the world and which continues in Strasbourg, Calder, Toronto, Germany, Danhag, Kassel, Vienna, Mexmûr and Hewler and permeated all prisons in Turkey.

On Monday, the participants issued the final statement of this meeting, which stated:

"We have gathered to say together, "We will not allow the loss of one person," "We will never leave them alone," "We will not allow their voices to be lost in the vacuum." "There are those who hear, see and care." "Solution is to raise the voice."

In this case, is it not incumbent upon us today to listen to those who have left their body hunger to protest against the inhumane and non-democratic practices against them and to become a voice for them abroad? Are not we interested in finding ways to embrace the radiant light from there in the hope of establishing a bright tomorrow?

We can do that because we are stronger than we think!

As women, we are confident in their strength. We gathered today in the city of Diyarbakir, Turkey, and we had fruitful discussions in order to say, "We defend life and stand in solidarity with Leyla!" "Silence is killed for us to become a voice for life" and "We hear their voices, and join our voices to their voices."

We have decided to form national, regional and international solidarity networks and initiatives so that we can continue to unite and make our voices heard. We have developed a joint action plan.

We demand to lift isolation and apply the law

We support 523 women who has signed on the petition of "Listen to Leyla". We demand the Turkish state and the concerned international parties to undertake their tasks to meet the demands of the Global Signatory campaign which was launched under the slogan "An Appeal for the Sake of Leyla Guven Who Is on Hunger Strike" which supported the demands of Leyla Guven and her comrades, 11,050 signs have been achieved.



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