Injured toll of Turkish attacks on Ain Issa rises, the bombing still going on

Injured toll of Turkish attacks on countryside of Ain Issa district has risen to 4, while the Turkish bombardment continues in conjunction with the flight of its drones in the sky of the district.

ANHA's correspondent said that the young Hassan Muhammad (22 years) was injured as a result of the Turkish attacks on the eastern countryside of Issa district, bringing the number of injured to 4 citizens.
While the bombing continues on villages of Saleh Al-Hamoud, Jabal, Msherfa, Fatsa, the M4 international road, town of Heisha and the road connecting Raqqa and Ain Issa in the eastern countryside of Ain Issa district, with heavy weapons, including rockets, Grad artillery, tanks and mortar shells, since the early hours of the morning.
The bombing coincides with flight of the Turkish drones in skies of the district since morning until this moment
The Turkish bombing left many wounded including Saleh Hammoud Muhammad (20 years), Muhammad Hammoud Salih (45 years), Abdul Rahim Hammoud Salih (40 years), in addition to martyrdom of two citizens, one of whom is the minor Abdul Rahim Salih Muhammad (14 years). While identity of the other did not know.
It is noteworthy that the mercenaries launched a ground attack at dawn today on villages of Al-Mashrifa and Jabal, which SDF fighters managed to thwart and inflict heavy losses on the mercenaries in lives and equipment, and a number of corpses of the mercenaries’ deaths were kept at SDF's hand.
This comes after an attack launched by ISIS mercenary cells, on Thursday, on Al-Sina’a prison in the Ghweran neighborhood, south of Hasaka, in addition to targeting car belonging to Tal Tamr Military Council by Turkish drone the car was heading to the city of Hasaka to support the Internal Security Forces and SDF that clashed with ISIS mercenary cells in vicinity of Ghweran prison in city of Al-Hasakah.

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